Personal Stylist


Vicky is in her mid 30s and has always been interested in fashion and colour.  She came to me seeking guidance about her hair colour which she felt was in need of a change.

Vicky’s skin and hair colouring is reflective of her Greek heritage and she has always been experimental with her hair colour, changing from blonde to black hair. With changing to black hair, Vicky had not considered how to accommodate her skin and eye colour, and the subtle changes that come with age. Her dyed black hair had actually become overpowering to her skin and eye colour.

Through the colour consultation process we worked on softening her hair colour to her more natural dark brown, benefitting the natural colour enhancement of her skin and eyes. Her black hair overpowered and washed out the natural colours of these features. She now also has a better understanding of clothing colours, contrast, patterns and textures that suit her and how all of this effects her eye, skin and hair colour.



  • Colour consultation and report
  • Photo shoot


Since working with Annabel on my colour analysis, I feel so much more confident shopping around for clothes. Not only was Annabel wonderful to work with, her styling insight has enabled me to understand which colours bring out the best in me. Annabel provided a personalised service which l would highly recommend to others.  

CREDITS: Photography:Anthony Basheer, Make-up:Shella Martin