Personal Stylist


Rowan is in his mid 50s, a director in financial services, who was at a loss with his image.  He had been through a divorce and was encountering many changes, and for the first time in a long time, had to buy his own clothing. 

Rowan came to me for assistance and direction.  His existing work wear consisted of quality suiting and functional shirts and ties; however, most of it was overly large, aging and quite lifeless.  By no means did it highlight his great physique or emphasized his sense of adventure.  His casual day and evening wear made him look years beyond his age. Rowan was in need of a complete image overhaul.

We worked together for a number of seasons to make the changes and develop a style that is truly him and easy to maintain.

The major outcome was a greater understanding of his personal style and appreciating the importance of image, and how it affects him personally and in business. 

Rowan enjoyed this process; having a great deal of fun whilst gaining confidence with selecting and combining clothing, as well as realising it gave him an edge.  This confidence made Rowan an enthusiastic participant for the client photo shoots, something he wouldn't have contemplated before this experience.


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  • Wardrobe Audit followed by annual updates
  • Colour consultation
  • Seasonal Shopping Trips to update wardrobe
  • Clothing Integration sessions
  • Photo Shoot


Now, I frequently get positive comments from people about my dress. Recently, Annabel selected a simple purple polo shirt to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe and people regularly comment on how well the colour suits me. Annabel first started styling me about 5 years ago. Before her assistance I just went for a very standard corporate wardrobe and felt that my clothes should just blend in. I tended to buy everything in 'large' because I am tall and tended to prefer fairly baggy clothes, partly because at one point I had been 15kgs heavier. I also restricted the places I shopped to the major department stores and a few well known men's stores. The range of stores I now use has broadened substantially. I now have the confidence to shop in stores that previously I wouldn't have dreamed of going into believing they wouldn't have the clothing to suit me. Early on, Annabel arranged a 'closed store' session for me having preselected a rack of outfits and in one session we were able to replace the bulk of my casual wardrobe. We now have short sessions on a seasonal basis to maintain my wardrobe which I find efficient. My business wardrobe has completely changed and is now much more versatile and colourful. I have learned to shop for garments that fit properly rather than just relying on label sizing. I can strongly recommend Annabel as a personal stylist to anyone seeking to build both a business and casual wardrobe. 

CREDITS: Photography:Anthony Basheer, Bike:Lawrencia Cycles