Personal Stylist


Understanding this simple yet essential principle is vital when deciding your own personal style. We live in a world that has become increasingly aware of the impact that image has on our personal and professional lifestyles. Our appearance is one of the ways we communicate who we are to the world. It conveys how we want to appear to others; whether our aim is to look professional, intelligent, artistic, or even authoritative. Understanding your needs and fashion desires is a first step. My approach is to work collaboratively with clients, to create your unique personal style, which can help you achieve that inner personal confidence.


First steps into

Some men do not want to be noticed or criticised for their dress. However, just one "Wow you look great today", or "that is a great outfit; I would not have thought to put that together" may be enough to change your interest in your image. You do not know how positive remarks feel until they happen. Once your mindset changes you will never look back.


No two men are the same. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours; as such, every combination of physical features gives way to a unique appearance. There are certain colours, patterns and materials which in various combinations best compliment every one of us.

Seek to understand what styles, colours, and patterns, best compliment you and represent what you are trying to say to the world.

For men who have already advanced their personal style you may be looking to broaden your range but need assistance to the next level.


  • You underestimate the value of a
    good wardrobe.
  • You find shopping frustrating and dull.
  • You are overwhelmed by
    conflicting advice.
  • You choose safe options from
    a limited range.
  • Your wardrobe has many items you no longer wear.

    You play it safe to avoid potential criticism.

  • You simply don't have the time to keep up with
    fashion and trends.
  • Formal dress never quite
    feels right.
  • You don't know how to transition from
    traditional business attire to business casual.
  • You wear clothes that are simply too big and shop according to the size on the label, not for best fit.

    Often men choose baggy shirts and trousers for all the wrong reasons.

  • You place no importance on colour.

    Generally wear dull colours or at worst, unwittingly wear colour that sucks the life out of your skin giving an unhealthy appearance.

  • You buy clothes that age you rather than build a modern look,
    which is age appropriate.


The image that you present is powerful.

In their careers and life many men seek to simply blend in, perhaps not wanting to stand out, believing their professional skills or personality are the only success factors. For example, a lawyer in Sydney has different needs than a social worker in Melbourne. Each desire that professional look but have different professional factors that affect their brand. Developing your own unique style is one of the most difficult yet obvious steps to build your personal brand and image. Working with a personal stylist will enable you to break out of old habits and help you navigate often hard to adjust to changes such as changes in form and physique.

Men's wardrobe requirements can span from being quite specific to very broad in nature and many different choices are required but most often, the nature of employment is a driving factor.  Many positions prescribe your fashion choices: corporate, smart casual or specialised work wear.

Men in business often know how to buy a good suit, shirt, tie and shoes but the transition to sophisticated business casual, lifestyle casual wear or a special event outfit can be more complex. I can help you get the balance right, navigate the options and help you effectively make choices, whilst keeping your look current and all within your restraints.

Another consideration is the increasing blurring of boundaries between work, social and personal time and the need to have a wardrobe that works across the spectrum. How do you buy clothing that does this? My knowledge and tools direct you to buying the right pieces to create that versatility and stand the test of time whether they are classic or trend pieces. For example, a contemporary cut sports coat in modern fabric and colour is a staple piece for any wardrobe. It can be worn with a well-tailored chino pant and patterned shirt for a business casual look or a coloured or classic denim jean and t-shirt to go out socially.

For some men such as police officers and builders, work wear is a pre-set uniform. But having the range to dress well for all other occasions and areas in life remains an issue.

I can help you build a wardrobe that connects to the image you are seeking to build. Generally, best results will come from addressing all the elements of personal styling.