Personal Stylist

In a world that is becoming ever aware of the impact of image on our personal and professional lifestyle, we know that your appearance can communicate the best of who you are and improve the way people respond to you.  Looking good helps you achieve an inner personal confidence and generates a sense of style freedom.

Styling can be learned, albeit with the right assistance and when equipped with the proper tools.  As your Personal Stylist, I can teach you the art of building a wardrobe.  Together, we will work to enhance your best features based on your personality and style.  Assisting clients to perfect their personal brand and teaching them how to make smart clothing choices is my goal. 

As your Personal Stylist, I am committed to:

  • Understanding your needs
  • Working collaboratively with you to build a wardrobe that suits
  • Developing a personal style that portrays the ‘true’ you

… and of course ensure that the experience is relaxed and enjoyable. 


The learning

Styling can be learned.  A wardrobe can be built.  Shopping can be painless and efficient.  You just need the tools. 
I can teach you these while you enjoy the luxury of a dedicated personal stylist.

  • Develop a framework for constructing a wardrobe
  • Build a wardrobe that works.  Have something in your wardrobe for every occasion
  • Learn how to work your wardrobe
  • Develop and understand the key components that make up your own personal style
  • Understand  your body shape and natural colouring
  • Learn when and how to break the fashion rules
  • Learn to shop effectively with purpose
  • Understand the longevity of clothes – when and how to use them
  • Develop trend knowledge
  • Understand age appropriate dressing
  • Gain new habits and extend and explore the fashion options


Learning the elements of good grooming is an important component of personal styling.  This includes understanding the importance of the right hair styling and skin care.  All of which will help to make you feel good. 

A great hairstyle and the appropriate colour, a simple but effective grooming regime, and additionally for woman, a current knowledge of how to choose and apply the correct make-up, are all-important ingredients in completing our overall external image.  The one constant in our lives is change so we need to review and update these aspects over time, which is why I work with industry experts to help you fine-tune these other aspects.