Personal Stylist


Georgie is a 30 year old Physiotherapist with a strong sense of social responsibility. She was not really interested in fashion and felt her money was better spent elsewhere. She had little understanding of the importance of clothing quality and how to shop effectively for the long term. For Georgie, shopping had mostly been a stressful experience which left her overwhelmed.

Turning 30, Georgie wanted to leave her student clothing behind and build a wardrobe that expressed her personal growth, career experience and took into consideration her social principles. She was also looking to progress her career and felt that her image could possibly be effecting her progression. She didn't know how to shop for her body shape or shop to express her individuality. Georgie is tall, slim and athletic and she had particular difficulty in sourcing jeans and trousers that suited her height and long waist. She also had difficulties in sourcing shoes for her narrow feet.

We started with an extensive wardrobe audit and then a shopping trip for a job interview outfit. The shopping trip was a great success and showed Georgie that shopping can be an enjoyable and positive experience. We then progressed to successfully updating her entire wardrobe, including locating jean and trouser styles that worked well for her body shape.



  • Wardrobe audit and body shape analysis
  • Alteration assistance
  • Initial shopping trip - job interview outfit
  • Multiple shopping trips to re-invigorate her wardrobe
  • Photo-shoot


I had always disliked fact, I hated it. The crowds, the overwhelming number of products, the amount of time it "wasted" of a day...not to mention that sinking feeling of looking at myself in the mirror in an outfit that showed all the parts of my body I actually wanted to hide! So I used to avoid shopping at all costs, only to wish - on a Friday night - that I had something decent to wear, in which I could feel good and relax.

Annabel made this possible for me. She listened to my experiences in a kind and understanding way, which put me at ease. And then we worked together, with her experience and insight, to create practical and fun ways to find my true style. I found the wardrobe "audit" really insightful and even liberating! And, for the first time in my life, shopping trips were exciting and successful. Annabel knew exactly where to go and what to look for. She pointed out colours, styles and patterns that compliment my body shape and also my personality.

I have learnt so much about my personal style from Annabel. I feel I can look for clothes and accessories in a much more relaxed manner now, with the insights she gave me. I will never be a shop-a-holic - I prefer bushwalks and going to music gigs. But these days, my wardrobe is much more appropriate for me and my life, so when I am heading out I can enjoy getting ready, rather than flap around for half an hour, only to end up wearing the same old thing. And if I have a job interview, I have a few killer outfits, which make me feel confident. THANK YOU ANNABEL! 

CREDITS: Photography:Anthony Basheer, Hair:Juno Hair and Beauty, Make-up:Laura Mercier, David Jones