Personal Stylist

  • Rowan's colour
    characteristics are:

    1. Dusky

    2. Cool

    3. Light

  • Vicky's colour
    characteristics are:

    1. Dusky

    2. Warm

    3. Deep

What colours will you be wearing?

"Colour is a daily mystery we all swim in."
- Jude Stewart (Author: Roy G. Biv Bloomsbury 2013)

The art of selecting the best colour to wear doesn't have to be a mystery. As a Personal Stylist, I find that many clients struggle to confidently choose a colour they know will suit them but it's something everyone can do given the right tools and guidance.

I use the 14 Group Colour Coding System as I find it to be comprehensive and very successful in demystifying colour for my clients. Designed and owned by Wendy Alexander, a 30 year veteran of the colour industry, this technique (unlike others) uses three characteristics of colour for classification and assesses dominance in your skin, hair and eyes.

In your Personal Colour Consultation I will:

  • teach you about your colour characteristics
  • show you which colours work for you and why
  • show you what colours to avoid
  • teach you how to create a balanced look when combining colours and neutrals, textures and prints
  • provide a colour swatch booklet as a reference tool when making colour decisions
  • explain signature colours and the importance of understanding your contrast characteristics
  • discuss seasonal trend colours and how to make them work for you

As part of the 75-90 minute consultation you will receive a reference report as well as a personalised swatch booklet containing 50 of the colours in your grouping. The swatch booklet, produced by Wendy Alexander, is an incredibly effective tool when shopping for clothing, makeup and accessories.

Clients who have completed a colour consulation with me take away a clearer understanding of the colours that suit them best and often report they now love choosing colour for their wardrobe.