Personal Stylist


While every client has different needs, goals and deadlines such as, “I need something to wear for a function tonight”, it is useful to have an overall approach.  Below are steps that I like to follow.  I believe that by following this process we can get the best long-term results, however, each service can be purchased separately.

As part of providing you with a personalised approach, I can design a programme to suit your needs and budget. Pricing for all my services is available on request. Please contact me to discuss the details.

Personal Styling Process


We gather information about your needs in an initial meeting. Together we discuss your requirements, lifestyle, and personal goals in a convenient location for us both, be it a café, office or similar.


The next step is to analyse and plan using the background information I gather and photos and pictures you provide.


Learn how to enjoy colour and make it work for you.

A colour consultation is a great starting point when looking at your personal style. In a 90 minute session you will:

  • Learn about your own colour characteristics
  • Know which colours are best for you and which are not
  • Learn how to best wear any existing clothing outside your colour group
  • Understand your signature colours and low and high contrasting characteristics
  • Learn how to create a balanced 'look' with colour and neutrals, textures and prints

You will be given your own 50 colour swatch booklet which will help you to select the right colours to keep you looking and feeling your best. A personalised reference report will follow.

This session will give you a much greater understanding of how colours work for you. A session can be bought as a stand-alone service.


Putting the plan into action we meet at your home and:

  • Review existing wardrobe, identifying what does/doesn’t work for you.
  • Explore new ways to wear existing clothing, footwear and accessories
  • For unflattering items, examine options for either redesign or discarding.
  • Identify clothing gaps.

We will also talk about your bodyshape, issues you face and how to best dress for your shape.

Following our session you will receive a personalised and comprehensive body shape analysis report which provides a reference tool, assisting you with the continuing growth of your personal style.

Session: 3 hours. Additional time can be added.


I plan a shopping itinerary based on your individual requirements and the personal style you wish to achieve.  A session generally begins with a brief pre-session catch-up to discuss our shopping time together.  Depending on the circumstances and your requirements, I may be able to preselect key items to ensure we can be efficient. It is important that we shop with purpose focusing on your budget and developing your style. Where possible I have negotiated discount arrangements with some fashion suppliers and from time to time specials offers are available through me.

Session: I offer flexible shopping times. 1.5 hours is a minimum session

Venue:  Within 20km of Melbourne CBD, otherwise by arrangement.


Learn how to integrate your newly purchased items with your existing wardrobe and produce a range of new looks with confidence. Education is a key aspect of my service, and in the early stages, some clients feel overwhelmed when trying to fit the pieces together.

An additional service many clients find useful is for me to compile your own "Look Book" - a mini photo album of complete outfits to refer to.

Session: 1.5 hours. Additional time can be added.


Whilst most of my services can be bought as a one off, the benefits of becoming a long term client will compound.  For example, I provide my long term clients with regular personalised updates and fashion intelligence, invitations to special VIP fashion events and where possible, private access to boutiques and special packages.


We have all heard stories about people with wardrobes filled with shoes and clothes they have never worn, will never be worn and should never have been purchased.

The cost of a good stylist can often be recouped by avoiding purchasing the wrong pieces for your shape and lifestyle or wrong colours and by making the best use of your existing wardrobe. In addition, saving benefits such as discount arrangements with retailers and knowledge of what is on sale or where to purchase items at the best price, all assist in cost and time effectiveness.