Personal Stylist


Carey, in her early 40s, came to me needing an outfit for an event and also wanted to update her wardrobe to suit her dramatic life style change.  A life threatening illness, a new baby and a move from a senior executive position to being at home for an extended period had left her thinking it was high time to focus on herself.

Carey's wardrobe was replete with corporate wear but very little for a life of a busy woman at home. We needed to get some glamour into her evening wear for both casual and formal occasions and add some fun, colour and sophistication into her day wear.

She has 2 children, a busy life partner and has recently returned to part-time work leaving her with little time to research and expand her fashion style.



  • Shopping trip - special event outfit
  • Wardrobe Audit, and more recently a return to work wardrobe assessment
  • Alteration assistance
  • Colour consultation
  • Multiple shopping trips to reinvigorate her wardrobe for lifestyle and return to work
  • Personalised fashion research
  • Clothing Integration session
  • Photo Shoot


Juggling two young children and work, Annabel has given me back time and a huge confidence boost. I cannot speak highly enough of her supportive approach, pragmatic advice and skill at putting really simple looks together that absolutely work for me. plus the discount and level of service Annabel organised at many retailers made a huge difference. 

CREDITS: Photography:Anthony Basheer, Hair/Makeup:Eve Flight