Personal Stylist


It maybe a new job, a new relationship or just the desire to revisit the way you present yourself to the world.  There are many catalysts for looking to change or revisit your style.

Throughout the years, styling and fashion have developed its own culture, language and ideas.  More often than not, people have an idea of styles they can or would like to identify with; whether that is a ‘classic’ look, a style icon like Audrey Hepburn, a talented designer such as Tom Ford or even the bold and outrageous Lady Gaga.  Regardless of what style you choose, some work better than others, because of individual body shape, personality, age, and lifestyle.

Developing your style can be a straight forward and effortless process.  For some of my clients it has meant rearranging existing items in their wardrobe, having them altered or purchasing a few additional accessories.  Refreshing your entire wardrobe, altering your colour palette, restyling your hair, and for women, learning to apply your make-up differently have all proven to be winners with clients.

Together we will discover your style, aligning it with a look you identify with, whilst ensuring it suits you.

As your Personal Stylist, I am committed to providing exceptional services that change the way you look and feel about yourself.  I will impart my knowledge in a way that is empowering and provide you with the ‘style’ tools and confidence to continue evolving your style independently.